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Requirements for Immigration DNA Testing

The U.S. Department of State, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and U.S. embassies around the world have developed rules and guidelines governing the use of DNA testing to support immigration applications. These rules help ensure that the laboratories used and the test results they produce are reliable. 

The following information explains the DNA testing requirements, guidelines and describes how 4Truth Identity's DNA Center (4TDC) corporate laboratory meets and exceeds them.


Requirement or Guideline

How 4TDC's Corporate Laboratory Meets Requirement or Guideline

Requirement: The DNA testing laboratory used must be on the U.S. Department of State’s list of AABB-accredited laboratories.

4TDC/911DNATest.com's corporate laboratory has been accredited by the AABB since 1996 and has been commended by the AABB for their Dual Process™—the practice of performing every DNA test twice to ensure accuracy. You can find their laboratory on the Department of State’s list of AABB-accredited laboratories.

Requirement: The DNA testing process must follow the chain of custody procedure.

4TDC's laboratory strictly follows the chain of custody procedure for all of our DNA tests. This means:

  • A neutral third party collects the DNA samples.

  • The tested parties are positively identified when their samples are collected. This includes verifying IDs and photographing and thumb-printing the individuals.

  • The samples are tamper-sealed and securely packaged at the collection site.

  • The samples are carefully inspected for tampering when they arrive at 4TDC's corporate laboratory.

Requirement: The DNA testing laboratory must send a sample collection kit and explicit collection instructions to the U.S. embassy or embassy-approved panel physician in the foreign country.

4TDC's corporate laboratory has worked with U.S. embassies all over the world for more than a decade. We will send a DNA sample collection kit and complete instructions for collecting the samples to the U.S. embassy or embassy-approved panel physician in the country abroad.

Requirement: The DNA testing laboratory must coordinate directly with the U.S. embassy and/or USCIS center.

4TDC's corporate laboratory will send the legally defensible test results and a clear explanation of the results directly to the U.S. embassy and/or USCIS center when the test is complete.

Guideline: The DNA parentage test results should produce a probability of relationship of 99.5% or more.

For paternity and maternity tests, 4TDC's corporate laboratory promises a probability of relationship of 99.9% or higher—often 99.99% or higher.

Our corporate laboratory has an extended testing panel and will perform additional testing and analysis as needed to produce the most conclusive results possible.

Guideline: Sterile Buccal swab is the preferred method of sample collection for immigration DNA testing.

Sterile Buccal (cheek) swabs are 4TDC’s primary method of collecting DNA samples. Sterile Buccal swabs are painless and simple to perform. In addition, buccal swabs are easy and inexpensive to ship, which is particularly important for immigration cases involving far-away countries.

Please be aware that even if the U.S. embassy or USCIS center you are working with recommends a specific laboratory, you may choose any DNA testing laboratory that meets the above requirements.

Furthermore, the laboratory you choose can be located anywhere as long as it can provide convenient sample collection appointments for the tested parties. 4TDC has an most extensive network of sample collection sites across the United States. This means that we can schedule convenient sample collection appointments anywhere in the country. To accommodate our immigration clients in foreign countries, we will send sample collection kits to the U.S. embassy or embassy-approved panel physician in the appropriate country, depending on the specific requirements set forth by the embassy. 

If you have any questions about immigration DNA testing, please call us at +1-404-289-3321 (outside the United States) or 1-877-302-0453 (toll-free, within the United States). You can also submit an information request using our online form.


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