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The Maternity Test Maze Could Leave You Lost

Figuring out who's the mother ...


The maternity test is used to determine which woman is the child's biological mother. Now stop laughing, you think that you can always tell which woman is the child's mother. After all she was in the hospital, right? And therein lies the problem because so many people assume that the woman with physical custody of the child is the child's natural mother. Maybe or Maybe not?

Of course the test is unnecessary in cases of adoption, surrogacy, in vitro fertilization and other scenarios where it is know that the woman is not the child's natural mother.

Some other uses for maternity testing would be in cases of adoption, termination of parental rights and immigration cases. It adoption, the receiving parents may be wise to be sure that the person providing the child for the adoption is legally able to do so. You would want to be sure that the family medical history received with the child is based on the biological mother and the biological father, when ever possible.

Generally, the biological parents rights are terminated in adoption cases where both parents are living. If the adoption placement is voluntary for a newborn child, a maternity test could prove the identity of the child's mother. There are two types of maternity tests. There is a home maternity test and there is a legal maternity test.

In many states, the adoption of the child is considered a legal matter. In such cases the legal maternity test can be used for evidence of the biological mother. On the surface it might not seem fair that the child's mother can place the child for adoption without knowledge or consent of the biological father. But that is another matter for another article.

The home maternity test should be viewed as an informational test only that cannot be used for any legal purposes. There was a story in the news, years ago where a woman found her six-year-old child at a birthday party. The amazing thing about the discovery of the child is that the mother thought her child had perished in a fire that destroyed the family home, five years earlier. But then she noticed a birth mark on the child at the party that was identical to her baby daughter's.

Something in her heart and her mind said this is my baby. And the excited mother would not rest until she contacted police with a hair sample from the child at the party and the results said "you are the mother".

That led to many other questions. If this is her six-year-old long lost daughter, how?

The police investigated and determined that the mother's relative had burned down her house and kidnapped her baby girl. Then the kidnapper paraded her cousin's daughter around her as her own. She almost got away with it and had fooled neighbors and family members alike.

Wow, another mysterious case resolved by DNA testing, specifically by a home maternity test that was followed up with a legal maternity test. The DNA testing confirmed that the relative was not the child's mother.

Yes, maternity testing can be used for adoption cases, child abduction, kidnapping, immigration cases and even babies swapped at the hospital. You can get more information about maternity tests at www.911DNAtest.com


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I wanted to thank you for helping me and my child. With your help, I was able to prove that my late boyfriend was my child's father. My child is the sole heir of his estate and will be well provided for. And I now have a great relationship with my child's grandmother. -- No longer frazzled mother

Thank you for your expert services to my attorney. I no longer have to pay any child support. The legal paternity testing proved that 2 of 3 kids from my ex-wife were not mine. – Associate Pastor

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